HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset: How To Get Chat & Game Audio on Recordings From Modern Consoles

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Hello, this is a problem I had to solve myself and since you’re looking at this guide/article it’s likely a problem you’re familiar with. Warning though, this guide pertains only to the hardware side of this and not software. So I will not being showing you how to live stream or record. Just how to get it so capture cards will be able to hear both the Chat and Game Audio Channels.

If you are familiar with this problem and just want the solution then skip to the bold text that says “Guide”. Otherwise keep reading. I am a Livestreamer on Twitch (click here to see my channel) and this is an issue I’ve run into for a while now even on my previous channel. If you didn’t know when recording gameplay through a capture card for either the PS4 or Xbox One you are unable to record both game and chat audio.

Specifically on the PS4 you can’t have game and chat audio going through both your TV speakers and your headset. This is because when you set it to “All Audio” to headset it cuts off audio being sent through the HDMI cord. Which is where your capture card gets it. This is just a PS4 issue and it would be as easy as adding another option.

On Xbox One the issue is intentional and by Microsoft design. In the previous generation people often recorded people without their consent and got them put on the internet. This gave rise to trolling vids. So to protect their privacy Microsoft made it so you can’t record chat audio. They made it so that if you want to play chat through the TV you’d have to have a Kinect as your mic and gross. They later fixed this for their native streaming apps by just being an option then suggested you tell people they’re being recorded. This doesn’t solve the issue for capture card people like myself.

If you didn’t know already I have both of these consoles and this is an issue for me when playing multiplayer games. The audience needs to know when I’m talking to people so I don’t sound like I’m talking to myself. That’s why when I got a new headset I pulled out every cord I owned and had to force myself to figure this out. It took some thinking and an hour later I came up with a solution. This solution also gets rid of the need of having an Elgato Chat Link cable.

All the cords in this guide either come with the headset or I have bought them for less than 5 USD a cord. Anyway, on to the guide.


(From Left to Right, then controllers) Headset 3.5mm plug, 3.5mm Female to 2 3.5mm Male Mic & Headphone cable, 3.5mm 2 Female Mic and Headphone to 3.5mm Male cable, 3.5mm Female to Male headphone extension cable (not necessary but helpful), and the controller and chat adapter of your choice.

Ok so first of all you’re going to need all the cords shown, except for the 3.5mm female to male extension cord. That one is optional but would still be helpful as it will give you more slack.

Here is everything you need:

  • Your 3.5mm Headset
  • Controller of choice and if it’s Xbox One the chat adapter if you dont have the newer xbox controller.
  • One 3.5mm Female to Two 3.5mm Male, one mic and one headphone, cable. Mine came with the Hyper X Cloud Stinger.
  • One 3.5mm Two Female, one mic and one headphone, to 3.5mm Male cable
  • One 3.5mm Female to Male headphone cable extension, helpful but not needed

Female ones you plug stuff into, male ones are the plugs and ones that are mic or headphone specific will have icons on the cord letting you know. All of these cords can be found at a Walmart or Bestbuy. This is not guaranteed to work with Xbox but I promise it works for PS4 and have tested it extensively. I just rarely play my Xbox so I haven’t tested it.

Step One:


Plug the male end of the headset cable into the included (if you have the same headset) 3.5mm female to two 3.5mm male mic and male headphone cable.

Step Two:


Plug the male headphone cable into the female 3.5mm headphone extension cable if you got it. Then plug the male end of the extender into the back of your TV. If you don’t have the extender then just male headphone cable from the female to two male cable into your TV.

Step Three:


Plug the male mic cord into the mic cord of the 3.5mm one female mic and one female headphone to 3.5mm male headphone cable. The headphone female cord isn’t going to have anything plugged and that’s fine. The reason for this set is for some reason the PS4 controller doesn’t accept input from the male mic cord. So to fix that we throw in an extra mic output cable. Then you just plug the male end of this Y cable into the controller.

If you’re using an Xbox controller you’re done, again not guaranteed to work. If it doesn’t work for Xbox you can always do party chats or discord and record desktop audio in your software. The Elgato chat link cable is also an option but this method has less cords.

Step Four:


This one is specific to the PS4, after everything is plugged in. Go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices, then you’ll be on the above menu. Set each of these options to match mine. Now when you record with the Capture card you just need another mic for recording your voice. For example I use a USB Blue Snowball mic plugged into my computer. This will also put your voice on it’s own channel, which if you’re recording for content you should be doing anyway. It’ll let you edit your voice track separate from everyone else’s.

Recording your voice and the game audio separate is also useful for noise cancellation. No more loud fans, and you can do audio normalization. That will make it so your entire voice track will stay at one decibel, so if you shout it won’t be louder than your usual speaking voice. Headphone listener friendly. But this paragraph is only useful for prerecorded content like Youtube.

That’s it! That’s the guide for getting game and chat audio to go to your headset and making it so your capture card can pick it up. Thank your for reading or watching, if you have any questions or just want to say thank you then do it in the comments or on Twitter @queenhellcat.


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