Livestream Event: Anime Game Month

Anouncing my first ever Livestream event for my channel. I will be streaming Japanese games for the entirety of September, read for info and on how to extend the event to two months.

How to get into the Call of Duty WW2 Beta Without a Code!

It’s that time of year again, the COD cycle is coming to it’s end and soon another Call of Duty title will be released. As usual we have a beta for people to play but unlike the past few it won’t be open to just anyone. So far no mention of even a couple days…

Transition Diary #8: Two Months

I’ve been gone a while, mostly some issues in my life that aren’t transition related. Can’t really review new games when I don’t have a job and no one will hire me. Family has been allover me with rent and pressure. They won’t kick me out but they also won’t ignore that I have rent….