Transition Diary #8: Two Months

I’ve been gone a while, mostly some issues in my life that aren’t transition related. Can’t really review new games when I don’t have a job and no one will hire me. Family has been allover me with rent and pressure. They won’t kick me out but they also won’t ignore that I have rent. They are making me owe them. So by the time I have a job my next few checks could be spent paying them back.

Anyway transitioning, it’s been alright pretty much the previous changes but continuing at a slow pace. Breast growth is hardly noticeable, no random boners, no morning wood, but I also have some new changes. My nipples are so damn sensitive, I feel like I have to keep every physical object a minimum of 3 feet away from me at all times. If I even so much as graze a tiddy I’m on the floor dying.

A few nights ago the sensitivity even kept me awake. I had my fan on and pointed at me then the wind hit my chest and it was so irritating. It was like an itchy or tickling feeling, I sleep with a top on now. I avoid playing my Mom’s dog at all costs not. He is little but if he steps on a boop even a little, it’s a sharp pain and it linger for a long time. So now I just avoid anything titty height.

I’ve adjusted to the growth though. Where as I would naturally cross my arms on my chest, I now do it below them. Maybe it’s the sensitivity or maybe bodies are good at figuring changes out naturally. Either way it’s one of those small but pleasant things.

My dick still works, I mentioned last month use it or lose it. I’ve been using it and I’m not losing it. But it’s hard to get myself in the mood. Like I can’t just do it for the hell of it like I used to. Now I have to be in the mood and really want to do it. It’s weird to me, but nice. I get to spend more intimate time with people I meet and talk with. I spend more time seeing if I like them and if they make me feel anything and a lot less of feeling something immediately. I feel like I can take things slower, but I’ve had moments where I can’t go slow even if I want to. So that’s a problem.

I still look masc as all hell, but there isn’t much I can do about it. Being beautiful can be expensive, I need to get my facial hair lazered, buy make up, dye my hair, and more. But I don’t have a job, so no beauty regimen for me. I’m thinking about asking family for their old beauty products but that would involve coming out to some of them directly.

Lastly, emotions oh boy do I have them. I’m a faucet now, I used to cry all the time at endings of movies, tv, anime, and games. But now I’m crying over my personal life and sometimes for no reason. I feel a strong feeling that I make everyone mad at me, even when I know they aren’t mad.

Anyway that’s it, thank you for reading and if you want to chat with me sometime don’t forget I livestream games too.


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