How to get into the Call of Duty WW2 Beta Without a Code!

It’s that time of year again, the COD cycle is coming to it’s end and soon another Call of Duty title will be released. As usual we have a beta for people to play but unlike the past few it won’t be open to just anyone. So far no mention of even a couple days of open beta play. If you want to get your hands on WW2 before it comes out that limits you to preordering, asking Xfinity for one (I asked 3 days ago and didn’t get a code, don’t hole your breath), or by going to a live event and getting to play for a bit.

I have another solution here though that I’m about to share. It’s pretty simple, no money required and just took about 10 minutes to do. But it’ll work for Playstation 4 only.

Step One: Create a new account on the Playstation Website and when you get to the country and region setting set both to Hong Kong.

Step Two: Download account to your PS4. Just turn on your console and when it asks you to pick an account select create new user. Then type in the Email and Password of the account you just created. Now sign into that account.

Step Three: Go through new account set up. It’ll toss a bunch of promotions at you like you’re a new user. Just skip everything and when it asks for locations or other info just make it up. The username for this account can be anything, you won’t actually be playing on it.

Step Four: Using this account go to the Store. On the store go up to search and type in Call of Duty and click the preorder for WW2. Go down to the bottom where it shows the Beta (it’ll be called a demo) then click on that and click download. You can also find the demo in the demos section.

Step Five: The download will automatically fail and you’ll be unable to download. So now you switch back to your main account. Go to notifications, click the failed download, and click resume. Now it’ll be downloading the one for your region. When it’s done downloading you’ll be able to play. As of today 8/26/2017 this still works and it’s an old trick, I don’t think they’ll get rid of it.

That’s it, sounded complicated at first but it’s really easy. I didn’t have instructions to do it so I had to stumble through it. Let me know if it doesn’t work, and I’ll see you all in game. My username is RaunchyRam so if you see me let me know! ❤

I typed this up because I’ve had several people ask me on my Livestream so I thought I’d type it up and share it that way, make it easier for everyone. Don’t be afraid to click that livestream link and check me out. I’ll be playing Call of Duty: World War 2 at my scheduled stream time every day til it’s done. I want to level up as much stuff as I can.


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