I’ll be honest, I forgot this site existed.

I recently thought with all that has been going on with me in the gaming sides of things. The partnership, getting affiliate, joining girlstreamers, writing for new normative, and more that I thought I should get a website. Get everything set up and in one place. A place for all my info and to start writing more since people will actually look this time. So I was browsing some free site designers and then I hit up wordpress and realized I had this one.

I kind of stopped using this site because I felt like I didn’t have anything interesting to talk about. I don’t really do much, I don’t go out often and I don’t connect or network with people. But some stuff has been going and people are taking interest so maybe it’s time to start pushing out content here. I don’t know how frequently I will be posting here but I’ll try.

First thing I’ll be doing is going over what’s happened in the world of twitch for me. Maybe make another transition diary. I had an interview with someone and I gotta see if I’m allowed to repost it. Then I have a few articles to submit here that didn’t get picked up by new normative for being too long.

I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend within the next month so things might be a bit bumpy around that time as I settle in. I’ve also got some stream updates to go over and maybe a review or two to write. Anyway remember that if you’re a site that publishes writing that I do commission work and any article here is available for purchase. Please contact me @queenhellcat on twitter or johnsonichole@gmail.com for pricing until I get a formalized commission sheet up.


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