Partnership With Bebo

What that means and what I’ll be doing.

info panel large alpha

A couple of days ago I was approached by a partnership representative at Bebo on my Twitter. After looking around and trying it out a bit I decided to accept. It was a little bit much at first. I had to upgrade to Windows 10 and luckily I had a key for it that came with this PC. Then I found out my Capture Card, Elgato HD60, isn’t supported despite both the S and Pro variants being supported.

After a bit of talking the rep told me that I only need to use the program when it’s possible. Then I remembered for a while I had these PC games, indies, and retro games that I wanted to play.

I decided to do it and I’ll be doing it during my afternoon streams on my Twitch. But I’ve run into the problem of not knowing what I want to stream. With console games it tends to be pretty easy, I hop on and play whatever. But with retro games being added I have a ton of possibilities. After I finish Dragon Quest Builders I have a lot of options.

I decided to set up a list here and describe the games along with descriptions and a link to a Strawpoll. I’ll end the poll the day I finish Dragon Quest Builders. I’ll be posting the poll here soon in it’s own post.

So what is Bebo?


Bebo is a streaming app that has a lot of stuff streaers use but all in one app. The app has your channel’s chat, streamlabs style notifications, donation services, and more. The app is constantly being worked on with new features and updates being added frequently. As a partner I use the app and give them my honest opinions in trade for some perks. It’s like a beta test.

Bebo basically does everything a stream would want all on one screen and with reduced CPU usage. Meaning more functionality, better quality, 24 hour support, and still free to use just like most streaming software.


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