About me & Commission Info

Queen Hellcat is me, I’m a Writer, Twitch Affiliate, Blogger, and other Self Employed stuff. I do a lot of stuff. But as for more about me, my name is Nichole. I’m 26, a trans woman, pansexual, and I’ve been on Estrogen since 6/27/17. I love gaming, art, writing, meeting new people, and streaming.

What’s with the name Queen Hellcat?

Queen because I am one. Hellcat is a witch or witchy woman, and also cat in the name. So yep pretty straightforward.

About Streaming

My streaming schedule changes sometimes so you can check out my Twitch to find out when I go live. Come by and watch me sometime, we can chat and I’m open for questions always.

About My Writing

I’ve been writing about games journalism for about 3 years off and on. Previously for Xbox Culture which went under shortly after I left. Now for New Normative. I can’t really repost my work from Xbox Culture because the site is completely gone and even with the wayback machine many of my pages weren’t capped.


I’m available for all sort of writing tasks as well as jewelry commissions. If interested in either please contact me, keep in mind I don’t do any work for free or “for exposure”. If you want to contact me you can do it through the contact page on the site or by tweeting at me @Queenhellcat.

Commission Info (TOS)

So you like my writing and you want a piece of what I do for your site? Any of the articles I post here are for purchase besides personal stuff, so I don’t sell my transitioning stuff.

Prewritten Content: The stuff I’ve already written and posted to my site.

  • 0.01 a word with a minimum cost of 10 USD. So if it’s 1000 words or less you still have to pay 10 dollars.
  • Must be paid upfront. Contact me first and we will handle payment that way.
  • When you purchase you have rights to it but you must still have my name on the work and a link to my site. The version on my site will be shortened to a one paragraph preview or completely removed if you want.
  • I have the right to turn down anyone I want for purchasing articles. If I don’t like the content on your site and you want to buy one of my articles I may turn you down. This mostly involves racist, homophobic, or transphobic content.
  • By purchasing an article you agree to the terms here.
  • Contact me via johnsonichole@gmail.com or twitter.

Commissioned Content and Reviews: You pay me to write something for you.

  • 0.02 a word with a minimum cost of 15 USD so if it’s less than 750 words that’s still 15 USD.
  • Request how many words you want as a minimum or a maximum.
  • If it’s a review I will require you to provide a copy of said product should I not own it myself already.
  • Half of the pay upfront, then after it’s posted to your site you give me the other half.
  • Any unpayed bills have an interest of 15% a month. Pay me on time.
  • Total denial to pay me will result in me posting the full article to my own site and complaining on social media.
  • After full payment the article is yours and you can do whatever you want with it but you must credit me (just mention my name somewhere as the writer). Links back to my site not required.
  • You are asking for my opinions.
  • I reserve the right to deny anyone service.
  • Should you be representing a hate group of some sort or endorsing hate I will cancel the article and keep the first half you sent me along with the product should that apply. I don’t write for the altright, far right, racists, homophobes, transphobes, or any other kind of LGBT based phobes.
  • Contact me through twitter or johnsonichole@gmail.com to commission me, please mention commission in the subject.
  • By commissioning me you agree to these terms.

Sponsored Content and Reviews: Paying me to write about your product, that you either distrubute or make.

  • Pricing and length is case by case.
  • I will disclose that it is sponsored content as per law.
  • When asking for sponsored content you’re asking for my real opinions.
  • Article is posted to my site, if you have a site you want it published to that’s fine too.
  • Again, I don’t write for haters. Besides you’re a business, hate is bad for sales don’t be dumb.
  • If it’s a game please include any information about content embargos as you are getting advertisement through your product being on my livestreams on twitch.
  • I require full pay upfront.
  • I require a free copy of the product you are asking me to write about.
  • By paying me you agree to the terms listed.
  • Contact me via twitter or johnsonichole@gmail.com with the subject “Sponsored Content”.

Interviews: We sit down and you ask me stuff.

  • If it’s used for business purposes payment is required. If you don’t know if it’s business or not remember: Posted to a site, you’re alright.
  • If it’s because you have a genuine interest in me or what I do and wish to share that with others it’s free. Although some compensation would be appreciated.
  • I will be looking at the site it’s being posted to before accepting payment.
  • I don’t do anything for haters. So no transphobes, homophobes, racists, TERFs, etc.
  • No subject is forbidden.
  • You’re asking for my opinions.
  • I want to be able to at least post a preview to my site.
  • I don’t do video or voice call interviews. This is to protect myself, for example if you harass me over text it’s easy to screenshot that.
  • Crediting and linking to my site is required.
  • Contact me on twitter or johnsonichole@gmail.com with the subject “Interview Request”.